A Rivet Nut Stud is a 2 piece fastener combining a rivet nut and a screw that is:
  • Intended for blind installation into thin sheet metal
  • Custom designed for specific applications in a variety of sizes, styles, materials, and finishes.
To create a custom rivet nut stud, Sherex requires the following information:
  • Installed Stud Length. Taking into account material thickness (grip) & stud head thickness.
  • Material Thickness
  • Stud Strength. PC 8.8/9.8/10.9; Gr 5
Unit of Measure


Recommended Installation Tools:

  • SSG
  • FLEX
Using specially designed headsets for rivet nut studs.


  • Can be installed from one side of the work piece, where access to the backside is not possible
  • Ideal replacement for weld studs
    • Eliminate spatter, material distortion, and negative toxic fumes and by-products of the welding process
  • Can be installed into pre-painted material
  • Ideal for using as a hanging point or a centering pin
  • Ideal for use in wire harnessing

N/A Market Segment: Heavy Truck OEM
Product: Wedge Head Rivet Nut Stud

This M6 Rivet Nut stud was developed for wire harnessing on a truck frame. The design incorporates a wedgehead feature to increase spin-out resistance and a MAThread® screw for reduced risk during assembly.

Market Segment: Agriculture Equipment (Ag feeder)
Product: M12 Full Hex Rivet Nut Stud

This M12 full hex stud was developed as a replacement for a weld stud in an agricultural feeder.