Cadmium Free Knurled Body 360° Swaging Series

Actual hole size can be affected by parent material and material thickness. Sherex recommends trial installations to determine the proper grip range for the application. Contact Sherex for details.

CFW Series available in different finishes
Use prefix CAW to receive parts with cadmium finish

Special sizes available upon request.

Sherex rivet nuts are compatible with the following hardware:
GRADE 2, GRADE 5, CLASS 8.8, and CLASS 9.8
Please contact Sherex when using other grade fasteners

CFW Series is NOW AVAILABLE in a proprietary Tin Plated,
RoHS Compliant finish!

Items may not always be in stock. Contact Sherex for current availability.

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Item #

Thread Size

HD ±.013

L ±.38

Hole Size
+.13/-.00 (mm)

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CFW1/CAW1-470 N/A M4x0.7 ISO N/A 7.24 N/A 9.40 N/A 6.75
CFW1/CAW1-580 N/A M5x0.8 ISO N/A 8.13 N/A 9.40 N/A 7.54
CFW1/CAW1-610 N/A M6x1.0 ISO N/A 10.54 N/A 13.08 N/A 9.92
CFW1/CAW1-8125 N/A M8x1.25 ISO N/A 13.97 N/A 15.62 N/A 13.49
CFW1/CAW1-1015 N/A M10x1.5 ISO N/A 15.62 N/A 18.80 N/A 15.00
1 - 5 of 5 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure