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ARN Series
Universal Riveting Nut Series

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The ARN riveting nut is designed to be installed into pre-pierced flat holes. The riveting section of the nut is folded over the sheet metal using a special die button. The riveting action forms the sheet metal into a locking grove of the nut. By trapping the sheet metal into the locking grove, high push out, pull through and torque values are achieved, even in very thin sheets.  The nut can be installed with four installation methods. The methods depend on the sheet metal thickness, hardness and the installation space.


Can be used in sheet metal as thin as 0.4mm & as thick as 6mm.


Can be used in mild steel (1008/1010) up to ultra high tensile strength materials (HLSA, AHLSA, DULE PHASE AND TRIP).            Can also be used in materials such as steel, plastic, & laments (sound deadening material).

Compatiable with Class 8, 9, & 10 hardware depending on application requirements.

Contact Sherex should you require inch size threads.

**May require adjustment depending on
application performance requirements.

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Item #

Thread Size





Sheet Thickness

Hole Size Ø
+.00/-0.1 (mm)

ARN2-580-6.0 M5 9.0** (For 2mm sheet metal) 5.5 13.0 9.0 0.4-6.0 9.2
ARN2-610-6.0 M6 9.0** (For 2mm sheet metal) 5.5 13.0 9.0 0.4-6.0 9.2
ARN2-8125-6.0 M8 11.5** (For 2mm sheet metal) 7.5 16.0 11.5 0.4-6.0 11.7
ARN2-1015-6.0 M10 14.1** (For 2mm sheet metal) 9.6 19.3 14.8 1.0-6.0 15.0
ARN2-12175-6.0 M12 16.0 (For 2mm sheet metal) 11.5 23.0 15.7 1.0-6.0 15.9
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1