Designed for installing Sherex CAL, CAK, CAH, CAO, CFT/CAT, CFW/CAW, and CPB Rivet Nut Inserts (thin wall only). 

Right Angle allows the usage in difficult to access applications.

Features quick change nose piece for head set replacement without tools.

Spin-Spin tools are also available in a Pistol Grip Version and an Inline Version.

High temperature grease should be used to lubricate the bearing set.

Sherex recommends the use of an air regulator, air filter, and lubrication system to reduce the wear of internal components. It is also recommended to lubricate the mandrel to increase performance.
Mandrels should be
replaced when excessive thread wear occurs with a high quality socket head cap screw.

Thread Size

N/A M8

Tool Speed

N/A 400 rpm

Air Pressure

N/A 80-110 psi (5.5-7.6 bars)


N/A 2.3 lbs (1 kg)

Air Inlet NPT

N/A 1/4 Inch

Air Use

N/A 5 cfm

Min. Hose Size

N/A 3/8 Inch

Complete Head Set Assembly P/N


Hex Driver P/N


Mandrel P/N

N/A M-M8-40

Bearing Set P/N