• Designed for SMC, Thermoset, and other brittle plastics
  • No flange allows for flush installation
  • Installed with a tap wrench or drill press with tapping head
    Class 2B per ANSI/ASME B1.1
    Installation Methods:
    Thread In - this method is reserved for the B1T and B2T insert styles.  A tool will thread the inserts into the boss hole and the slots on the body will cut a thread into the plastic.  This method is good for thermosets and other rigid plastics.  An adhesive can be added to the outside thread to bond the insert into the plastic; further improving insert retention within the base material


    Applications for Threaded Inserts for Plastic vary from communication equipment, the automotive industry, computer industry, and anywhere where strong durable threads are required in plastics.


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    Item #

    Thread Size

    ØH ±0.004

    D± 0.005

    B1T-0832-315 N/A #8-32 UNC N/A 0.276 Inch N/A 0.315 Inch
    B1T-1032-394 N/A #10-32 UNF N/A 0.315 Inch N/A 0.394 Inch
    B1T-2520-551 N/A 1/4-20 UNC N/A 0.394 Inch N/A 0.551 Inch
    B1T-3118-591 N/A 5/16-18 UNC N/A 0.472 Inch N/A 0.591 Inch
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