The ACN clinch nut is designed to be installed into pre-pierced holes. Displacement lobes on the clinch nut force the sheet metal to flow into the locking groove, allowing the top of the sheet metal to remain flat with no indentation and providing the nut with high push out and torque values.

The ACN clinch nut is designed for thicker sheet metal applications from 2mm to 10mm thick, and is compatible with Class 8, 9, & 10 hardware depending on application requirements.

Contact Sherex for inch thread requirements.

Unit of Measure

Thread Size

N/A M10


N/A 9.1 (For 2mm sheet metal)


N/A 7.2


N/A 18.4


N/A 13.1

Sheet Thickness

N/A 2.0-10.0

Hole Size Ø
+0.1/-0.0 (mm)

N/A 13.25

Approximate Unsupported
Torsional Resistance

N/A 57.21 (In 2.3mm thick material)

Approximate Push Out

N/A 4.16 (In 2.3mm thick material)